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Paul On The Wall - Part 1


This film was made because some genius decided to put Paul Oakenfold's rave on the Great Wall of China.

Carney was on tour with Paul Oakenfold for two years before this came up on the radar. So do you remember when SARS was rife and everyone had face masks? That’s the day we all went to the Great Wall and played house music. Paul loves china and this film looks at a number of transitions happening in China at the same time. Documenting this journey was a fantastic mission. Carney had a Sony VX1000 and two Nizo super8mm cameras on a belt. On the wall only the mechanical beasts stayed strong. This was made out of thanks for the man who sent Carney on an unforgettable journey. Just goes to show how far a bit of passion can take you.

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Watch the videolightbox[Sea Chest 320 180]Paul On The Wall - Part 1::

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