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Canon C3oo Mk II
Wolf In Sheep's Clothing

Content is always king with this. No frills. No overcranking. A powerful unobtrusive 4K soul stealer. We love its optical broadside.

Ship in a bottle
Safe Harbour

Crows Nest Films is fully covered for employer’s and public liability. Safety is paramount to our projects. We have comprehensive production insurance with Integro Group. Your rushes are secure in safe anchorage

See beyond the horizon
As the crow flies

Crows fly, so why shouldn’t we? Bringing legal, affordable aerial photography to our content driven films heightens production value

Steady as she goes
4k 4 axis stabilisation

Whilst you’re all frigging in the rigging we’re running and gunning with this cinematic bad boy in no time. The DJI Osmo Pro and lenses capture content with lush depth of field. It’s fast. It’s fun. It sticks on stuff. We can even put it on a stick. What’s not to love.

Your Project
Our Commitment

Content is king. We will help you in all aspects of pre and post-production. Our award winning team works with you to tell your story with passion and integrity.

Avid – The industry standard
HPZ4 Avid Symphony Avid DNxID Avid Artist

Delivering true 4k content comes at a cost. That’s why we’ve invested in hardware accelerators to improve workflow. We simply love Avid. If it’s good enough for Hollywood, it’s good enough for Wincle.

Sennheiser 2000 series
Just nod if you can hear me

An essential part of what we do involves capturing crystal clear sound on location. Sennheiser have been doing this shizzle for years. This system, teamed up with the Sony ecm77, ensures vibrant warm vocals. We like to hide our mics, not see them, letting the viewer focus on the content.

DJI CrystalSky
Seeing is believing

Content is king, but so is clarity. Being able to monitor in 4k is essential for focussing and composition. These monitors can be used with all of our kit and are fabulously reassuing to operators and clients.

Canon 5D mkiv
AND 24-70 2.8L series USMii

As a camera just for photography this takes some beating. Also shoots fantastic HD and with a slight crop 4k as a b roll camera it knows its place and doesn’t question authority.

Class Glass
Emotive optical sensations.

Fast Glass delivers astounding imagery. In the realm of lenses you definitely get what you pay for. Canon’s 11-24mm F4 autocorrective, 16-35mm F2.8, 24-70mm F2.8, 70-200mm F2.8, 2 x converter, Voigtlander 40mm F2. Take your pick through the good looking glass.

Anova Pro2
Light, emitting, delights

The ANOVA is a bi-colour led floodlight with a super-wide 110-degree beam angle. The gorgeous soft light output that eliminates hard shadows and hotspots. We loved this so much we swapped our doubloons for it. It even has wifi and is V-lock powered to break free from the mains.

Rhino Motion
A pocket-sized second cameraman

We know what to do with 48" of pure cinematic glory. 6 rollers filled with 12 sealed ball bearings mounted to a hard-anodised aluminium carriage. You can set up an incremental move whilst simultaneously panning. Instantly dynamic allowing automated second camera movement and artistic timelapses.

Mavic 2 Pro
Clever Conscious and Collapsible

Crows Nest Films’ CAA approved pilots are fully authorised and insured to use our drones on your production. Hasselblad’s glass on DJI’s chassis is our drone of choice for stability, reliability and performance. See beyond the horizon.

Avid Artist Mix
More than a feeling

Crows Nest Films has a full online post production facility. We can also edit on manoeuvres. We believe that the post production of a film is as important as its conception. From picture grading to bespoke audio landscaping we integrate emotion with autonomy for the human touch.

Solid State Logic

Modern consumers of content will look for the smallest distraction to undermine the message. We believe content should be heard and seen with equal quality. Budget should not compromise quality. Our digital field recorders are synced in post-production to the cinematic imagery to give clean, authentic audio.

Award Winning
Very very tasty

Independent film making is a competitive genre and we’re very pleased with some of the accolades we’ve received over the years. Most recently we flew Carney out to LA on behalf of the team to collect a Tasty at the 10th Annual Awards 2019.

Canon C300 Mark I
Beauty and a Beast

This camera is magnificent. Image and functionality result in a smooth modern workflow. Coupled with a heritage in optics and processing, it delivers the best of the past and will go far into the HD future.

Nizo 801 macro
The Overcranker

This was our first true rock star super 8mm. A button on the side delivered instant slow mo with exposure adjusted. Just perfect for action shots; doubling air-time became a trademarked shot at MTV. Watch our documentary on RZA to see how it conjured narrative nostalgia.

Beaulieu 4008 zm ii
The Dreamweaver

Not only terribly pretty, this camera allowed you to rewind the film in the can to create some woozy-hippy, dreamlike effects. In Ibiza, circa 1990, this was amazing, but then again so was everything back then.

Paillard Bolex 8mm
The Clockwork genius

Before super 8mm there was 8mm. This mechanical, lens-revolving wonder boasted three minutes of filmic joy with a pistol grip. However, changing films was a lot harder than swopping a memory card. It involved donning a massive hoodie and having about 8 minutes of me time.

Content is King with Crows Nest Films

Supporting Community

A bright and breezy future.

As The Crow Flies

See beyond the horizon with our drone reel.

Hybrid Working In Software Engineering

Filming Jeremy surfing in Sligo was such great craic.

Wild - A State Of Mind: Canada

Raiding nature's larder with Ninja Chef Nick Liu.

About Us

producer on film setCrows Nest Films is a UK based independent film production company, specialising in projects for multimedia and tv.  


Crows Nest Films is a collective of professional, highly creative individuals. The award winning team has worked in feature film, documentaries, broadcast television and corporate sectors of the industry. Our CAA approved drone pilots can also add aerial magic to any production. Our crew come together with modular cohesion, or work on specific projects single-handedly. We shoot in 4K from a one man crew to a full production team, from pre to post production, we can live stream all around the world and back to Wincle.

See beyond the horizon with Crows Nest Films.


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