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The People's Strictly


Never have we felt quite so underdressed on a shoot before.

We know that cameramen are best not seen and not heard, but the soporiphic black attire seemed very dull on a bright day at Wrest Park.  The BBC's Strictly team had chosen English Heritage's Wrest Park as its location to introduce the contestants for the People's Strictly to the full glamour of a Strictly Makeover.  The contestants met last years winner of Strictly, Abbey Clancy, and were treated to a full day of pampering including a body slap fake tan and plucked eyebrows.  The main purpose of the day was to not only treat the contestants to a fabulous Strictly experience, it was to get press shots and record dance sequences that were to be used in the title sequence of the Comic Relief series.  We were asked by English Heritage to make this behind the scenes film.

Watch the videolightbox[lifestyle 320 180]The People's Strictly - Behind The Scenes::

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