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Karate Nun


Now Carney has filmed some crazy stuff but this angry nun was up there as one of the best characters ever.

After we met her it all made sense. In fact these nuns are great and we met them during an interesting week. The local council had told them that they were not allowed to sell their honey anymore because it did not have a best before date on it. Sister Pamela told us “Ha! They found 2000 year old honey in the Egyptian tombs and that was still edible”. I totally agree with Sister Rhoda’s description of the community. ‘In many ways we are out of the real world and yet in some ways we are even more in it’. Max, our storyboard artist (and Carney's brother), gets his pads on and takes a hit for the team.

Watch the videolightbox[documentary 320 180]Karate Nun::

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