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Through The Keyhole

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We've been editing for Channel 4.

You're in for a treat, tonight at 8pm.  Along with David Stevens at The Bothy we were delighted to offer lighthouse editing services for Channel 4 and Waddell Media.  "Whenever Colin Rothbart asks me to do anything, I'm very excited and a little afraid" said Carney, "however, this was an absolute pleasure.  Working with two other remote editors, using Avid it was a very smooth cooperation" .  It was a fantastic opportunity to collaborate remotely with producers at Waddell Media in Ireland in order to instantly respond to the feedback from Channel 4's Commissioning Editor, Tim Hancock in London.  Crows Nest's Avid Symphony 2020 suite was singing.

In the dreary pandemic year, what most of us are looking for is escapism, and this is especially true in the days after our restricted Christmases.  Stepping forward to scratch that itch is Britain’s Most Expensive Houses, set to air on Channel 4 tonight to add a little sparkle to a flat festive season.  Taking us behind the scenes at UK Sotheby’s International Realty, who deal in some of the most spectacular property for sale on the planet, the fly-on-the-wall documentary offers a glimpse inside the world of multi-million pound home sales throughout the UK.

Not only do we get to see through the keyhole of mega mansions from Yorkshire to Surrey, but we also discover how the super-rich go about buying and selling their homes. Suffice to say it’s a little more targeted than popping in to the high street estate agent’s office.

With exclusive access to UK Sotheby's International Realty, this documentary peeks behind the doors of some of the UK's most incredible homes, as brokers set about selling jaw-dropping houses.

It’s not easy making broadcast telelvision during Lockdown under Covid regs - but Colin Rothbart and Waddell Media managed to film a one hour documentary about the top end of the housing market.  Tonight on C4 at 8pm - Britain’s Most Expensive Houses - following  Sotheby’s brokers during the pandemic.  John Fisher, who works in Sotheby's Surrey office, believes that people are gravitating out of town looking for more space.  'During the first lockdown you had people isolating in multi-million-pound houses in London which were no bigger than a postage stamp,' he said.

Featuring properties such as Heathfield House.  The £40 million Highgate house is topped by a glass dome with a glass lift and also comes with ten bedrooms and seven bathrooms over four floors.