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Feed The People

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Carney at NFL


Carney's been working to reduce food poverty today.

Along with Deano Jackson, Carney headed up to Warrington to meet Neighbourhood Food Larder.  They are a charitable non-profit organisation who aim provide good quality food to those who don't have access to it.  The community food larder locations provide food at stationary locations in Cheshire and Merseyside.

Deano and Carney were joined by Cllr Maureen Creagham, the 137th Mayor of Warrington.

We also met with TalkFIRST's Tracy Sheppard.  TalkFIRST offers mediation aimed at enabling families to communicate effectively, resolving conflict and making plans for positive change.

NFL offer food hampers with a delivery service as many people suffer with some form of psychological disablement or physical disablement and cannot get out of their home.  Many older people are in this category.  NFL also collaborates with other charitable organisations and as part of their activities they help raise money and support other charities helping the elderly, homeless and disabled children.  NFL also believe in food waste reduction to help the environment.