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Wire Shoot

Crows Nest Films are shooting under the ice blue skies of Sweden today.

We've sent Ed Henderson out to Uppsala to film an interview with legendary lyricist and bassist Graham Lewis.  Since August 2018, Crows Nest have been thoroughly enjoying working on Wire's autiobiographical feature documentary with Malcolm Boyle and Graham Duff.  We've had the distinct pleasure of filming some of the band's performances and conducted interviews with the art rockers at Rockfield Studios.  Having already visited the homes of Colin NewmanRobert Grey and Bruce Gilbert, we're now being hosted by Edvard Graham Lewis in Sweden.

The Quietus described Lewis as "an onstage pouting pugilist and an offstage sports enthusiast, he's also something of a wit."  Born in Lincolnshire, Graham is currently a resident of Uppsala which is also home to the striking water tower featured on the cover of Object 47.  He is responsible for the bulk of Wire band's lyrics. Having originally graduated in 1974 from Middlesex Polytechnic with a degree in fashion design, he initially worked as a freelance designer. A successful collaboration with the Jeffrey Rogers company led to his designs appearing in the editorial pages of Elle, Cosmopolitan, 19, and more, and his collections were available in a number of high-street boutiques.

Things all changed in 1976, when he was asked to join, as bass player, an unnamed group consisting of George Gill, Colin Newman and Bruce Gilbert. Robert Grey soon also joined, and the band became known as Wire. However, Gill's departure led to the remaining quartet having to create an entirely new set of material, and so Graham formed a writing partnership with Colin, with Graham primarily acting as lyricist. Subsequently, Graham also wrote and sang many of his own compositions, and with Bruce, Graham managed and created much of Wire's visual identity, including record sleeves and stage design.

Outside of Wire, Graham has been prolific, working on a number of other projects. He's released solo and collaborative CD works with Bruce Gilbert, Russell Mills, C.M. von Hausswolff, John Duncan, Leif Elggren, Jean-Louis Huhta, Thomas Öberg, Andreas Karperyd, and Mattias Tegnér. He's also co-founded the groups Dome, Cupol, P'o, Duet Emmo, He Said, He Said Omala, H.A.L.Ö, Ocsid, Hox and, most recently, 27#11.

Graham has composed music for modern dance (including for the Michael Clark Company, Stephen Petronio Company, and Su-en Butoh Company), and for film (including Brothers Quay, Bigert & Bergström, and Gunilla Leander). Also active in the arts scene, Graham's installations have graced The Waterloo Gallery, MOMA (Oxford), Fargfabriken (Stockholm), Baltic Art Museum (Goteland), and Podevil (Berlin). He also held the Krevian post of Minister of Wholey Smoke.

Crows Nest are dead chuffed to be working with Malcolm again on this project, having worked with him for many years on Hoppy: Underground Head.

It's also great to work with Ed again, who we welcomed home from The World, before sending him back out into it.  Ed has been busily traveling the globe with his wonderful wife and their baby son.  You can see some photos of their extraordinary adventures here.