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Wild - A State Of Mind: South Africa


for part of their Wild - A State of Mind campaign and it's been a genuinely thrilling experience.  As Roushanna explains, the Cape Peninsula in South Africa has the highest density of species in all the different floral kingdoms in the world. Carney was blown away by the wildlife and his shots of springbok and baby emus at the coast are breathtaking. It is an astoundingly beautiful place and Roushanna knows it intimately.

Watch the film and you'll be saying "dimorphotheca pluvialis" and "pelargonium cucllatum" in no time. You'll even pick up some Afrikaans and Xhosa plant names too.

We met Roushanna in October of 2017. The following month the Cape Point Fires ravaged the hills. Thankfully Roushanna, her family and the team at Good Hope Gardens Nursery were safe and the landscape is thriving once again. We must take every opportunity to immerse ourselves in the nature that surrounds us and to protect and preserve it. Responsible foraging is an essential education that we can all benefit from.  Filmed and edited by Carney, Production Managed by Fleur these shoots took us around the planet and were a delicious education.

Watch the videolightbox[lifestyle 320 180]Wild - A State Of Mind: South Africa::

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