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The Bere Facts


We think this is one of the most fantastic ideas that Bruichladdich has come up with in the last 10 years.

Bere barley is, disputably, one of the oldest strains of barley known to man.  There's some question about how it arrived on Islay thousands of years ago. One theory is that it was brought by the vikings, but however it got here it was used as staple crop until the difficulty of growing it on an island such as Islay outshone its virtues.  Lost in time Bruichladdich decided to try and grow bere barley on Islay, and then make what can only be described as a very delicious, creamy, sweet spirit.  The journey from land to dram is a challenging one, fundamentally because bere barley has a very small seed creating problems along the Victorian production line.  This film attempts to explain why it's worth it.

Watch the videolightbox[commercial 320 180]The Bere Facts::

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